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• Enterprise level fulfillment and logistics solution
• Sell anywhere and Sears picks, packs and ships
• No minimum volume. No long-term commitments
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A Reliable, Fast and Cost Saving Fulfillment Solution

Fulfilled by Sears (FBS) is an end-to-end order fulfillment service from Sears that manages warehousing, pick/packing and shipping of customers orders for your business.
Designed to fit the needs of any business, FBS can be utilized to fulfill customer orders that occur anywhere (on or off Sears.com) efficiently, while reducing operating and fulfillment expenses for the business – helping to increase profits.
As one of the largest online mass merchant in the country, Sears has built a sophisticated network of warehouses, distribution centers and online order fulfillment processes that allow Sears to ship customers orders quickly and efficiently. Partner with Sears today and let us help you grow your business!
Features & Benefits
  • Pay-as-you-go model. No long-term commitments. Pay for only what you store & ship
  • Discounted shipping rates. Take advantage of lower shipping rates for inbound and outbound shipping
  • Retain full control of your inventory and product pricing. Receipts & returns anytime
  • No minimum volume requirements
  • 24/7 customer service support. Sears will handle all order related questions for items sold on Sears.com
  • Simple and competitive fulfillment rate structure
  • Instant ability to handle dramatic increases in order volume
  • Reduce operating expenses for your business
How It Works
Step 2 Step 1: Send your products to a designated Sears fulfillment center

After you’ve created your free seller account and completed the on-boarding process, ship your product inventory to a designated Sears fulfillment center. There are no minimum volume requirements, ship as many items as you’d like. Businesses can take advantage of Sears’ discounted inbound shipping rates. Shipping labels are provided to the sellers by Sears.
Step 2 Step 2: Sears stores your products in a secure warehouse

Sears will catalog and store your products in our secure and ready-to-ship fulfillment centers. Once in our fulfillment centers, you can monitor and control your inventory using our online seller portal.
Step 3 Step 3: Customers order your products

Fulfilled by Sears can fulfill customer orders that occur on Sears.com or on other channels. Use Fulfilled by Sears to pick, pack and ship orders from Sears.com, your own websites, other marketplaces, and even for orders that occur offline. Use the Sears seller portal to manage orders and notify us of your fulfillment needs.
Step 4 Step 4: Sears will pick, pack and ship your product

Once Sears has been notified of an order that needs to be fulfilled via our seller portal, we’ll pick, pack and ship the order out to the customer quickly. You will have complete visibility and control into the fulfillment process through your seller portal account. For added convenience to you, Sears will handle customer service for items sold on Sears.com and fulfilled by Sears.

Pay As You Go. Only Pay For What You Store And Ship.

If your business is looking to reduce operational expenses and streamline its fulfillment processes to ship faster, Fulfilled by Sears is the way to go. With our “pay as you go” fee model, your business is only charged for what you store and ship in Sears’ fulfillment centers. If no items are stored in a Sears fulfillment center, no fees are incurred (this includes the program fees).
In addition, you will retain full control over your inventory and pricing. Control how much inventory you want to send to us and when you want them returned. Use Fulfilled by Sears in conjunction with your existing fulfillment processes and solutions. When you work with Sears Commerce Services, you will retain full control over the operations of your business – we are here to help.
Categories Sold on Sears.com Multi-Channel
Storage fees $0.45 – $0.60 per cu. ft. $0.45 – $0.60 per cu. ft.
Pick & pack fees $1 per item $3.25 per item
Order handling fees $0.00 Ground: $2.00
2-day: $8.00
Next day: $14.00
Weight handling fee $0.35 per lb. $0.50 – $1.90 per lb.
(varies by weight and shipping type)
Additional fees Sell on Sears fees apply*
($39.99/mo + commission)
* Monthly fees charged only when you sell $400 or more per month.
* Please Note: Weight handling fee is based on dimensional weight of the product.
This calculator will let you compare your fulfillment costs to our “Sell Through Sears” program.

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