Marketplace Returns Process Update - Coming April 20, 2016

What is changing?

Sears Member will be able to initiate returns online through Order Center via the order details page. This change will make it easier for Sears Members to return items to sellers.

For orders Fulfilled by Sears, Sears will provide a return label to our Members and the Member will then use the return label to complete the return.

For orders Fulfilled by Merchant, Sellers will be notified via email about the return request.  Seller will be able to either approve or reject the return request via Seller Portal UI or API.

If Seller approves the return, the seller will also provide a return label.  If Seller rejects the return request, the seller will provide a reject reason.  If approved or rejected, the member will be notified.  If approved, the Member will be able to print the return label from the Order Center on

Sellers will be notified via email of the member return request as mentioned above.  Reminder email will be sent to seller after 1 business day. If the seller does not respond within 2 business days, the issue will be escalated to Sears Member Services. Members are also kept in the loop of these reminders and escalations.

Please view the PDF file link below for detailed information:

Sears Marketplace Returns Process Updates