Taxonomy Update – Trampolines & Inflatables

Taxonomy Update –   Trampolines & Inflatables
Important Announcement Dear Valued Partner,Sears Marketplace is contacting you because Sears Marketplace has updated item categories to improve customer search and browse results, and the overall marketplace buying experience. Items in  Toys & Games-Outdoor Play-Classic & Recreational Trampolines will be impacted by the recent changes. Kindly review the attached spreadsheet for details on old attributes that will be deleted from Sears Marketplace and the new attributes involved in the category. Please attribute the items correctly before  10/12/2015 to avoid items falling offline.

Please follow the steps below to replace attribute values corresponding to respective item class to avoid the items falling offline.

1. Within your seller portal go to Products > Product Mgmt > Bulk.

2. Under ‘Step 2′ click the “Show Item Classes Where I Sell Items” radial button.

3. To see all items you can select respective item class and then click Download. (*If you have greater than 10K items you may need to select ‘Download in Background’)

4. Select “Generic Template (with Items)”

5. Once downloaded, you can review all of the items.

6. Attribute the items in the generic template.

7. Once completed, upload the template.

8. Review the error report if applicable.

9. Any information that you upload for a particular item will overwrite the previous information.

If you have questions, please reach out to the Sears Marketplace team via “Contact Us” form in Seller Portal under topic Taxonomy.

Toys Games-Outdoor Play-Classic Recreational Trampolines