Aosom Testimonial

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Tell us a little about your company?

We are an ecommerce company that started in 2009 with our best-selling line of Aosom bike trailers. We have since moved into many different categories such as home goods, pet supplies and fitness items. Our products are unique in that we focus on branding so we can create long lasting relationships with our customers. We know how important the customer is so we make sure we have highly trained professional customer service members that are able to represent our company.

What motivated you to join Sears Marketplace?

We joined Sears in 2012. As one of the biggest ecommerce marketplaces across the country it was an easy decision because we had similar goals and values. We wanted to expand to a channel we knew already had an excellent customer base and Sears was our top choice. We knew if we could get our items to more consumers we could become one of the top sellers on the site and with the help of our account reps it happened much sooner than we ever expected.


Was the registration and onboarding process easy?

Yes, we were able to quickly complete it and we were selling on the site in no time at all. We only had a few questions when setting up but those were met with a helpful seller support team that made our job even easier.


What do you enjoy about being a Marketplace Seller?

We have three major points of emphasis that have made Sears one of our best marketplaces. The easy to use interface allows us to add new items very quickly so that we can begin selling them as soon as we have them in stock. The large customer base allowed us to have tons of exposure for our items that we wouldn’t have been able to have on our own and the support team we worked with made sure our best items were seen by all of the customers. Also, whenever we had issues or questions the support team was able to help us quickly and efficiently.


Can you provide any tips or suggestions for shipping?

Our main focus for shipping is to provide safe and secure packaging. Shipping can be very expensive so we try and take away any issues that could arise by doing extensive quality checks before it is shipped from the factory and after we receive it in our warehouse. If we feel an item can’t make it through the shipping we will not send it out until we are comfortable that the customer can get it in one piece. We are not perfect but we make sure to give the customer the best we have to offer.


Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

In the next ten years Aosom would like to become one of the top companies in the Outdoor Living and Home Décor markets while also growing to encompass a huge number of different product niches. We have been growing at close to 100% per year and while we don’t expect that level of growth to continue for the next 10 years we have no plans to be less aggressive. In partnership with Marketplaces like Sears we expect big things over the next 10 years.