Can I copy a current item using seller portal?

Seller Portal provides sellers that carry the same item that other sellers have listed the ability to copy a listing using the functionality under Products > Product mgmt > Create New > Use your content

To see if an item is already listed a seller can enter the UPC, Item Name or Model # in the search bar under the Content Finder.

Content Finder 2
Once the identical item is located sellers can click ‘Copy’ to clone that listing for their own catalog.

Content Finder 3

Please note that sellers are required to follow any laws, including copyright and trademark, and may not be allowed to copy all items using legally protected pictures or item info. The owner may request that your listing is removed if their proprietary content is used by another.

Also, please note that an Image URL must remain available as long as the item is online.  If a seller copies an image from another and that image is removed by that seller, your item will also go offline. We recommend using any of the image hosting sites to host any non-restricted images for items you carry.