Feature Seller – June 2018 – ErgodE

Give us a little background about your company?

We started selling online about 10 years ago across multiple categories including Tools, Toys, Electronics, and Home. Our team is comprised of 400 highly dedicated and motivated members and we are obsessed with providing the best possible customer service for our customers. We are a profitable company that works diligently to supply a vast catalog assortment that customers want.

What motivated you to join Sears Marketplace?

Brick-and-mortar Sears stores are a favorite place to shop for tools and Appliances and I the love customer service. Joining as a seller was a natural extension, partnering with a beloved brand. After joining Sears, we have been very happy with support provided by our account manager and the whole team.

Was the registration and onboarding process easy?

Yes. Easy, and our hand was held throughout the process.

What do you enjoy about being a Marketplace Seller?

Ability and opportunities to offer the best possible deal to customers while earning their appreciative feedback. Alternately, we love the flexibility and open-mindedness of Sears Seller Support management team; they are willing to go out of their way to support us and spur growth.

Can you provide any tips or suggestions for shipping?

Nothing makes customers more happy knowing their order has been “Heard” and shipped right away.¬† Also, we tend to under-appreciate the importance of sturdy packing. When customers receive packages with intact, pristine boxes — on time — ¬†they are usually delighted.

Where do you see your company in the next ten years?

We see us growing with Sears. We foresee that marketplaces become more diversified and democratic. Sears is doing lots of things right to lead the industry in that direction.