Featured Categories – February 2017 – Apparel

Our 2016 holiday sales were very promising for all of our apparel sellers. Baby apparel saw triple revenue growth YoY in body suits, bottoms, socks and underwear.  We saw a big spike in Men’s Big & Tall apparel with revenue sales numbers up 52% YoY.  For Women’s apparel, we saw triple digit growth in sweaters (up 135%), activewear (up 128%) and rompers & jumpsuits which were up 110%.  Our biggest revenue increase overall in apparel came from Junior Plus Clothing which saw an increase in growth of 1,663% YoY.

We welcomed new sellers such as Digital Styles who introduced The North Face brand and Rock Revival brand to our members. While Propper International, the largest single provider of US military, law enforcement and tactical apparel in the country began introducing their products throughout the holiday season.  In 2017 they are celebrating their 50th year anniversary.  Please be sure to check out their storefront for special deals on apparel items.

What does this all mean as we continue to welcome additional apparel sellers in 2017? Sellers must prepare their storefronts in order to expand sales in 2017. Images need to be as clear and detailed as possible.  Size charts are highly recommended and can be very beneficial to decrease overall returns and member satisfaction. Ensure to include color swatches with variations and complete every single attribute to describe your apparel piece as accurate as possible.  Lastly, be sure to use the correct item class in order to avoid miscategorzing your item.

So how can an apparel seller stand out from the competition? Many of our existing sellers are now taking advantage of extending coupon codes to offer additional savings to our members. This is a new feature we are introducing to our members through our new Deals & Promos platform. Existing Marketplace seller Luxury Lane has seen double digit growth YoY by offering a 20% discount on all apparel items in 2017.  Although this feature has not been opened for all sellers, it is an option that we will continue to expand throughout the year. Be sure to check Seller Portal for additional updates.

Our top keyword searches are already showing that Prom season is around the corner. Now is the time to add additional inventory, review your images and add missing size charts where necessary. In addition our members are already planning Spring Break vacations and have been searching for swim gear for the entire family along with spring like apparel.  The month of March also brings many of our members to begin planning for First Communion season and Easter Sunday.  Easter Sunday falls on April 16th and clothing typically evokes bright, spring-like colors, patterns and styles. Traditional Easter Sunday attire includes dresses and hats (often referred to as Easter bonnets) for women and suits for men. The attire for Sunday church service will require more formal attire to be worn, whereas post activities such as Easter hunts may require a second wardrobe change. Since Easter festivities due vary throughout the day, the type of apparel for Easter Sunday will also vary from person to person. For sellers who offer more casual apparel, inventory planning for floral patterns and warmer spring like tones may be the perfect solution to accommodate the activities outside of church services. Don’t forget to complete your look with added accessories such as; jewelry, belts, purses and shoes.