Featured Categories – January 2017 – Jewelry

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and the perfect time to shop for your significant other. Last year our largest revenue drivers (for the year) were Pendants & Necklaces, Rings and Watches (in that order). However, looking at February 2016, the revenue drivers were Rings, Watches and followed by Pendants & Necklaces (in that order).

Rings are expected to lead the Jewelry category ahead of Valentine’s Day, which is less than 6 weeks away. Leading types are engagement rings, diamond solitaires, and bridal sets. Many engagements tend to occur around this romantic holiday. Offering a strong sizing assortment with competitive pricing is sure to drive your business during the next few weeks. Please submit your items to Deal Heist for additional exposure.

Watches are predicted to remain strong for the Valentine’s Day shopper. Last year more Men’s Watches were purchased over Women’s; however, the gap in revenue was insignificant. This shows that women are just as likely to purchase watches for themselves or for gifting purposes this time of year. Currently, our top selling watch brands include Michael Kors, Fossil, Seiko, Casio, and Bulova. Sears Marketplace is becoming a leading luxury watch destination with many brands. For maximum sales please ensure that your entire watch assortment is live on site.

Pendants & Necklaces round up the top 3 sub-categories for last year’s Valentine’s Day sales. We saw a nice increase in Diamond Accent Pendants.  We also saw large success with colored stones and Jewelry Sets.

We have many promotions coming up in preparation for Valentine’s Day and other Spring Holidays. All items will be Google Shopped and checked against the competition. They should be sale priced with free shipping and represent the best on-line deal. This will help us maximize sales and offer the best experience to our customers. Some strong categories that you should send include bridal sets, watches, rings (including engagement), earrings and pendants. Also jewelry accessories, like armoires and jewelry boxes will do well during the season.

Interested to hear more about participating in our upcoming events on Sears Marketplace? Please reach out to our merchandising team by creating a Contact Us case, in the Seller Portal, using the topic/subtopic combination of Marketing Opportunities/Deal Heist.

Thank you to our many sellers for their great support!