Featured Categories – July 2017 – Consumer Electronics

As August approaches it means Back to School and Back to Campus time!

Consumer Electronics was the #1 Marketplace vertical for August in 2016. The Top categories leading the way last year were Computers & Laptops, Tablets & eReaders, Phones, Cameras & Camcorders, Computer Accessories, and Portable Audio.

Our Television category continues to have triple digit growth year over year month after month. Leading brands include Samsung, LG, Sony, and Vizio. We are seeing great success not only on new Televisions but in the Refurbished TV’s as well.

Computers and Laptops drove the largest share of CE last year and we expect the same this year as well. We saw the majority of our sales from last year include Strikethrough pricing and Free Shipping, items with Free Shipping account for 80% of Marketplace sales. Please use that as a best practice as you go through your best-selling items and items that will drive volume. Top Selling brands are Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Apple.

Tablets were driven by Apple, Samsung, and other Android based tablets.  Refurbished tablets were the leaders in the category in overall sales followed up by low price point Tablets( $100 or below).

Cameras & Camcorders were a leading category last year during August. We are also seeing huge growth year of year monthly in this category. Leading brands are Nikon, Canon, and Sony. We expect Go Pro to be a leader for the month as well. Bundles are doing a brisk business and help increase value for the consumer.

August is also a good time to get your inventory needs in line as we head in to the most important months of the year and into Q4.

Thank you for a great first half of the year, let’s keep the momentum going the Holidays are just around the corner!