Featured Seller: June 2017 – Sim Supply Inc.



Tell us a little about your company?

SIM Supply, Inc. is located in Hibbing, Minnesota. We are located in the “Iron Range” and we know how critical delivering products to our customers can be. That is why we have direct relationships with over 9,000 manufacturers and suppliers stocking over 700,000 items. 

What motivated you to join Sears Marketplace?

Sears is a trusted name in lawn and garden, and tools.  We feel that SIM Supply can service Sears customers with the same level of customer service Sears customers expect.

Was the registration and onboarding process easy?

Overall yes, we did struggle a little with categorization, but overall the process was simple.

What do you enjoy about being a Marketplace Seller?

Sears is a unique segment in online marketplaces, it attracts a different demographic than the normal marketplace experience.

Can you provide any tips or suggestions for shipping?

Get out tracking numbers to customer ASAP.  If you focus on getting tracking numbers fast you can cut down on phone calls, returns, and cancellations.

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

Sears has never stopped being on our roadmap, we plan to continue to add products, and content, and work to deliver those products faster than ever.