Featured Seller: March 2017 – Hang Sang Accessories


Hang Sang Accessories LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of all kinds of zippers, metal and resin buttons, rivets, fashion belts, buckles  garment’s decorative items, suspenders and fashion apparels for women and older girls.  On Sears Marketplace they are best known for providing great service and a variety of apparel items for all and sell under the Jhon Peters, Unomatch, Ketty More, Zumeet and Tom Carry brand names.

Some of our brand partners are; Aeropostele, Gap, Walmart, Wetseal, Polo ,Next, C&A, Nordstrom and other famous brands.

Find out more Hang Sang Accessories LLC and their experience using Sears Marketplace.

Tell us a little about your company?

Hang Sang Accessories was established 1989. Since then we have become, one of the leading manufacturers of all kinds of zippers, metal and resin buttons and rivets, fashion belts, buckles, garment’s decorative items, including heat fix items, special packing material and almost all sort of garments. In garment accessories business, we are continuously developing new products as per new fashions and setting new trends to fashion industry. We are producing accessories of international quality standards which are tested and approved by world’s leading laboratories like SGS and ITS. All products that we produce are completely harmless to human skins and are free from all the toxic substances.

We have our own facility of designing and manufacturing quality and fashion ready made clothing for women and older girls. Over a very short period of time, we have developed good and quality brands which can be very much reachable to normal common people who always look for good quality and good looking latest fashion style at a very affordable prices. We work on very nominal margins and keep our regular customers happy to purchase the dresses, Blouses and other stuffs, which they like,……….., at a good and affordable prices.

Today we have expanded our business into the apparel vertical and sell clothing for Older Girls, Women Petite, Women Plus and Women regular sizes with thirty days No question asked return policy under the brand names “Jhon Peters” , “Unomatch”,  “Ketty More” and under our newest business entities Zumeet and Tommy Carry brand names.

What motivated you to join Sears Marketplace?
As a business we always knew we wanted to start up a business within the retail industry in the United States.  From all of the feedback we received from investors, personal friends and research, we realized that Sears was a very well established name.  About two and a half years ago we launched our first storefront under the name brand Unomatch.  We can still remember the time where we would receive one order per week.  We continued expanding, adding more clothing options to add a variety to please to the masses and our orders continued to grow on a weekly basis.

Was the registration and onboarding process easy?
I felt that the registration and onboarding process for Sears Marketplace was very easy and I have absolutely no complaints about it.  I highly recommend it and think who created process did a great job.

What do you enjoy about being a Marketplace Seller?
I really enjoy the fact that the guidelines are already there for you and that Sears Marketplace is known as a place where everybody has the chance to go to the site and shop for whatever they are looking for.  For individuals that are eager enough to try run and run their own business, they should consider selling on Sears.  I believe that Sears Marketplace will help support your talented resources and assist you in the process of expanding your business.

Can you provide any tips or suggestions for shipping?
Our company’s policy believes in serving our customers and provides them with world class services, made with the best available raw material, so that we all can help them, in making the best possible quality garments.  As a seller we have been successful by trying to eliminate any problem that may exist and try to expedite shipping the order as soon as possible.  The best policy is to ship every single order within a 24 hour timeframe.   Sellers have flexible lead times, however we strive to ship within this time frame and overall our customers have been very happy and we receive a lot of repeat customers.

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?
We already have a business plan and sales forecast for the next two years.  Ultimately we are pacing ourselves to continue to progress each year and hopefully turn into a 30 million dollar company.  We hope that we can exceed our goal, but only time will tell.