Featured Seller: May 2017 – Allied Trade Group (ATG)


Tell us a little about your company?
Allied Trade Group, Inc. began in 1999 with the launch of its first website, and grew to over 500 websites throughout multiple home furnishings categories, offering close to 2 million product SKUs from over 3500 name brand manufacturers. With all of these products and manufacturers, chances are we have what you’re looking for.

By keeping current with the latest trends in interior design, we strive to carry products that will be the focus of your home’s décor, and always with superior selection, value, and quality. We understand our customers want their homes to be a unique reflection of their personal style, and a place of comfort and inspiration to them and their families. That is why we give every effort to provide all the resources you need to turn your house into a home.

By offering the largest selection of home furnishing products found anywhere, Allied Trade Group, is positioned to offer our customers and unprecedented selection of lighting, plumbing fixtures, hardware, furniture, tools, and much more. We also employ a highly-trained staff of customer service representative to promptly and professionally handle customer issues as they arise.

What motivated you to join Sears Marketplace?
As an up-and-coming business, we wanted a firm business partnership with one of the leading names in retail. Sears and Kmart are brand names that resonate with customers all over the world. Joining the Sears Marketplace has helped us to reach a new audience of customers and opened many doors for us as an online retailer. Without the Sears marketplace, we would have never been able to reach the heights that we did. Joining the Sears team was one of the best business decisions this company has ever made.

Was the registration and onboarding process easy?
Registration for the Sears Marketplace was extremely simple and easy. Onboarding and data integration was very straight forward and went very smoothly. Their team of engineers are knowledgeable and should be used as a resource if any concerns should arise. We were able to seamlessly send over data and become fully integrated with the Sears portal.

What do you enjoy about being a Marketplace Seller?
What’s not to like? We really enjoy the Sears Seller portal so let’s start with that. Everything you need to run your marketplace on a day-to-day basis is right there in the portal. The Sears Seller portal is extremely easy to navigate and is basically your one-stop-shop for anything Sears related. We also take advantage of the buy box feature on the Sears Marketplace. The buy box essentially rewards you for having the most price competitive product selection. Sears has a very helpful FAQ knowledge base that is useful and allows us to self-serve as a Sears marketplace seller. And of course, every marketplace seller has a dedicated account manager to make your life easier. We believe this is extremely important in driving sales and taking care of customers.

Can you provide any tips or suggestions for shipping?
Sears provides fulfillment metrics to help you keep track of your progress. They will set some good baseline goals for your business to strive for. Other than that, I would suggest a few different things. It is always a good practice to clearly label packages, upload valid tracking numbers, and provide packing slips for every order. Some of these are even required for Sears orders.

Make sure inventory is up to date, every cancelled order is a bad experience for a customer and a lost opportunity at a sale. You want to set a good example and get repeat customer or a customer for life.

Again, watch the fulfillment metrics and use Sears as a reference, the FAQ knowledge base is extremely beneficial when you run into any issues.

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?
The key mission of Allied Trade Group is to create an exceptional value for our customers by providing the best selection of products with the highest level of prompt and professional service. We will do this while maintaining the highest level of personal and corporate integrity.

In 10 years, hopefully we are fulfilling orders for some of the same customers. It is very important for us at Allied Trade Group to gain a customer for life and building that relationship over time. As the customer evolves, so will we.