Featured Seller – SpectrumSuperstore – October 2017

SpectrumSuperstore was established in 1999 and we currently carry over 600,000 products from such diverse categories as Automotive, Toys, Electronics, Housewares, Tools, Outdoor, Sports Gear, Appliances, and Furniture.  SpectrumSuperstore offers over 9,000 different brands covering a full spectrum of well-known to up and coming companies.

SpectrumSuperstore operates as a pure drop shipper with over 300 warehouses. They utilize automation and the use of technology to its full advantage.  This allows them to keep their costs relatively low and therefore pass those savings along to their customers in lower prices.

They currently add about 1000 new items per day to our selection and love to work with small manufacturers that offer something unique.

When did you join Sears Marketplace and what motivated you?

We joined the marketplace in May 2010.   We were looking at ways to expand our reach to

target customers and like a lot of sellers not be so dependent on Amazon for mass marketing.  The Sears customer base at the time was more affluent and older who look for brand name and quality products as reasonable prices.  So there was an excellent match between us and Sears.

What do you enjoy about being a Marketplace Seller?

Having someone to talk to each week about issues and get tips and help is invaluable and why we look at Sears as our number one marketplace we deal with.  While there are always issues along the way, the Sears team does address them and work hard to make improvements.  We have always found Sears to be reasonable in helping deal with customer problems which results in less frustration for everyone.

Can you provide any tips or suggestions?

Work closely with your Account Manager for areas they feel you could improve as we have found their insight very valuable in knowing where to dedicate our resources and efforts. Be on top of even the smallest issue that comes up and work hard to prevent it from happening again.