How do I add a UPC to my item’s build?

UPCs can be added to your item build in one of three ways.  Through the User Interface, in the Bulk Excel Upload or by XML.  Click on the tab below to see how to add UPC to your item build in each of these methods.

After you have logged in to the seller portal user interface, navigate to the following space:

Products >> Product Mgmt >> Browse & Edit


Once on the Browse & Edit page, you will have a variety of options on how to search for an item.  In the main box on the screen, you can enter UPC (if you’re replacing an existing one), Item Name, Model, Brand, Item ID, SPM Id (the product number on the product page), Variation Group ID or Keywords.

Product Finder

You will also have the option of browsing through categories to find items by selecting item classes down to the micro level.

browse catalog

The third way to search for an item on this page is by options such as Competitive Filter, Status (active or inactive), Content (Seller or Sears provided) and when the item was created.

browse options

Once you have searched for an item and it is appearing in the display results, click on the blue underlined title of the product.

product results

Once you have opened the item build for the item you are looking to change, you will need to navigate to the details page.  The UPC will be in the first 10 fields to be entered.  Enter the UPC and click the orange save button at the bottom of the screen.



For existing templates already in use, there is no need to download a new template to add a UPC.  There is already an existing column for this field.  You can download the files in the seller portal UI by navigating to the following space:


Products >> Product Mgmt >> Bulk


Once on the Products – Bulk Create & Edit page, you will be able to download a current file with items already populated.  You can do this by looking in section 2 – Browse Catalog by Item Class.  Click on the item class for which you’d like to find items to edit.  Once you have selected an item class, you can then download the file in either the Item Class Template (with items) or in the Generic Template (with items) format.  Either template will have the UPC space.


bulk template

The item class template will download with attributes that are specific to your item class.  The UPC field will show in BLUEuntil it is required (date TBD).  Once it is required, the tab will show in RED like other tabs for required information.  The UPC field should be within the first 15 fields in the Excel spreadsheet.


After you have made the necessary changes to the UPC fields, save the file to your desktop.*  You should then upload the file in step 3 – Upload completed Item Class/Content Matching Templates.  Once the file has been submitted, processing can take up to 30 minutes.  You can verify the information by navigating in the seller portal to the item or by downloading a new template.

upload bulk






*As a reminder, changing the structure of the template will cause errors.  Our templates are built in such as way that the number of tabs, the names of the tabs, and/or the data pre-populated in the column headers and on the data definitions tab should not be changed.

XML currently has a tag for the UPC field.  Please download and review Sears Marketplace API Guide for the most current API versions.