How do I improve my cancellation rate?

Our goal is for all of our Sellers to succeed here at Sears Marketplace.  It is our belief that those Sellers that meet and main our standards will succeed and provide the best Member experience possible.

Sellers should not be canceling an order unless the Member requests a cancellation.  Sears Marketplace requires Sellers to maintain a < 3.5% cancellation rate.  If you received a notice stating your Cancellation Rate is too high here are some steps we suggest you take immediately:

  • Review your active items and removed any that are discontinued or no longer active
  • Review your inventory and make sure that they are 100% accurate and only items that are physically on hand are listed as available
  • Update inventory on a regular basis, especially if you share inventory feeds with multiple marketplaces
  • On hot items, only provide a portion of your inventory to ensure you don’t oversell an item
  • If your inventory updates are done manually, look into automating with our API options.  See our Seller API Guide for more information.