How do I request items back from the Sears warehouse (for a Fulfilled by Sears account)?

In order to request items that are sent to the Sears warehouse for a Fulfilled by Sears, please go to Inventory>Browse & Edit Inventory. 

Step 1) If your account is also a fulfilled by merchant account, you will need to select Sears from the Fulfilled by box:

Step 2) Choose the item class (select all is suggested) and click the orange “Browse Inventory” button.

Step 3) Select the items that need to be returned or salvaged.

Step 4) Click the “Return / Salvage” button

Step 5)  Choose your option:

If you chose to return items, provide the return address.  This may be your warehouse or any warehouse you choose.  Shipping/freight costs will be covered by you.  Seller Support will be in touch with you for additional information regarding your carrier and account information.

If you wish, Sears can also liquidate/salvage the items through our normal liquidation process (in this case sellers are not refunded anything for the products).

Step 6) Fill in the Item Quantity and then click the “Submit Order” button.  This will contact the Seller Support team with the request and they will reach out with any additional questions.

Do not contact our warehouse directly.  All communication should be done via the Seller Support team and the contact us form.