How to handle items captured in removed items report due to excessive pricing?

We want our members to get the most relevant and competitive assortments. In order to achieve this goal we are periodically reviewing the price of the items you provide. In the event that your listings have price offers that are egregious, we will be emailing you the list of products with prices that needs to be updated. This report is auto generated every Monday. Here is a copy of the message that you will receive if you have any listings with egregious item price.

PParity 1

The email will have a link to the report in the form of CSV which will provide you item-level information of items. You can download this report by the following path:

1- Login to the Seller Portal.
2- Navigate to seller tools.
3- Go to reports tab.
4- Click on Item Parity Report.
5- Download.

This file can be opened in Excel and will contain following details:

  • Item id
  • Product Title
  • Brand, Model #
  • Content class id
  • Item path
  • Threshold violation date
  • Seller Price (including shipping)
  • Competitive price found at external retailers.
  • Status of the item.Here is the snapshot of the report:

  1. Your items are not only compared with Sears/Kmart items but they are also compared with other different marketplace sites.
  2. The competitive price also includes competitor shipping cost (if any) as well as the seller shipping cost.
  3. For the item prices that are flagged, we provide you an opportunity to correct those prices in 10 days.
  4. The system will retain the last 4 weeks of these reports in the Seller Portal.
  5. If you fail to do the correction the item will go offline. You can review the “Removed items” report in order to find those items.  This report will have the reason code in the comments column stating “Removed due to high Item price”.
In order to bring offline items back you need to update the price of such items less than or equal to that of competitive pricing threshold. You can upload the price of the items by using seller portal/bulk template/XML Feed. You can refer to the FAQ How do I update Pricing?