How does the Marketplace Deals Platform work?

The new deals platform has been created to give Members and sellers alike better opportunities on  Members will enjoy a much broader and deeper promotional assortment from Marketplace items.  Sellers have the ability to publish creative promotions that are competitively priced using a visible, transparent and measurable platform. In addition to creating your own deals, sellers have the option to opt-in to Sears promotions!

What kind of deals can be created on the Sears Marketplace platform?

Deals #1

How do I create a promotion in the new deals platform?

Navigate to the Deals & Promotions section of the seller platform by navigating to Seller Tools >> Deals & Promos

From here, you will start your deal creation. Also, on this page, you can search for an existing promotion to edit or you can create a new deal.  When searching on the Deals & Promos page, you can either enter a keyword from a current promotion or you can simply click on the magnifying class to see all deals.

Deals #2

Once on the Deals & Promos page, click the orange “Create Deal” button.

Create Deals

On this page, you will see several sections:

  • General Info – Left Side
  • Rules – Left Side
  • Inclusion Criteria – Left Side
  • Exclusion Criteria – Left Side
  • Item Count – Top Right
  • Templates – Middle Right
  • Text entery box – Bottom Right


For more information for each box, follow along on the next tabs.

Provide the general deal information

After you have clicked on the “Create Deal” button, you will open the deal creation screen.  There are 2 steps required to create a deal on the new platform.  The first is to complete the section labeled “General Info”.

Deals #4

Save your work

After you have completed at least the required parts of the “General Info” section, make sure you click the save button in the upper right of the page.

Field Definitions

External Deal ID: Deal ID that a seller uses to map deals in their system

Coupon Code: If there is any coupon associated with the deal, provide the coupon code here.  Alphanumeric only, 18 characters maximum, and should be in UPPER case without any space.

Deal Type: Simple, Bonus, Shipping, Deal Center, Timed Deal (definitions of each listed above)

Start Date: Effective start date and start time of the deal; start time could be specified to the minute or even to the second

End Date: Effective end date and time of the deal; end time could also be specified to the second

Short description: Description that shows up in the “Special Offers” section in a Product Details Page. Please standardize the description to the following format for most effective use of this prominent real estate: “Great deal deal on <product> sold by <seller name>” or something similar.

Per Order Limit: Members will be limited to adding only a max quantity for an item in an order. If there is no order limit, enter “-1“.

Per Shopper Limit: Members will be limited to buying a maximum number of units across multiple order transactions – count will be tagged to a member’s profile. If there is no shopper limit, enter “-1“.

The third step in creating a deal is to set the rules of the deal.  You will need to expand this section by clicking on the arrow next to “Rules” in the box below “General Info”.

Deals #6
Once expanded, you will see the rule conditions as shown below.
Deals #7


Field Definitions

Threshold condition & Minimum Purchase Value: Both Threshold condition and Minimum Purchase Value are taken together!

  • A “Quantity” threshold implies that the deal is applicable only if the customer purchases quantity above the minimum purchase value. In case of no thresholds for a deal, set Threshold condition to “Quantity” and Minimum Purchase Value to “1”
  • A “Price” threshold implies that the deal is applicable only if the customer spends above a minimum threshold value.

Discount Type & Discount Value: Both discount type & Discount Value are taken together for a deal. Most important fields that define the exact discount applicable for the promotion!

  • Percent Off is the percent discount on the net price
  • Dollar Off is the dollar discount on the net price
  • Fixed Price is the final price on the items in the deal


Deal Types?

  1. Fixed Price Deal – select Deal Type “Simple” in General Info, Discount Type “Fixed Price” and corresponding Net Down Price for Discount Value in Rules
  2. Dollar off and Percent Off Deal – select Deal Type “Simple” in General Info, Discount Type “Dollar Off” or “Percent Off” and corresponding Discount Value in Rules
  3. Bonus Discount – select Deal Type “Bonus” in General Info, and provide the corresponding Discount Value for Discount Type “Percent Off” in Rules. If Discount Value is 100%, it is true BOGO deal.
  4. Shipping Deal – select Deal Type “Shipping” in General Info, and provide the corresponding Discount Value for Discount Type “Percent Off” in Rules. If Discount Value is 100%, it is Free Shipping deal. Sellers can provide minimum price threshold for free shipping – e.g. Price threshold of $49.99 could be set in Rules as below.
  5. Timed Deal – select Deal Type “Timed” in General Info. It can be set as either Discount Type “Dollar Off” or “Percent Off” or “Fixed Price” and corresponding Discount Value in Rules. The only difference from Simple deal is that a new read-only section for Urgency Deal shows up.  Limited Quantity Deals will behave very similar to Timed Deals. The only addition is that sellers will provide their quantity for the deal in the Urgency Deal section.
  6. Coupon Deal – select Deal Type “Simple” and provide a Coupon Code in General Info. It can be set as either Discount Type “Dollar Off” or “Percent Off” or “Fixed Price” and corresponding Discount Value in Rules. Coupon codes have to be in upper case, alphanumeric, and maximum 18 characters. NOTE: For Coupon Deal Messaging to show up on PDP “Special Offers”, another message only deal (Simple – Zero Dollar Off Deal) has to be created.
  7. Deal Center Deal -Sellers could request deal center product inclusions for a certain week; Account Managers can approve the requests to lock the price from the Admin portal.  Such deals can be created for a maximum one week duration. All sellers need to provide are the start date, end date and a reason in short description why this is a good deal for the week they have selected in the General Info section. For a week, sellers can request a maximum of 25 items.

Item Count


You’ll note at this point, there are no items associated with this deal yet.
Deals #5

See the tab “4- Adding Items” for an explanation of the fields “Item Classes”, “Brands” and “Prices”.

How do I add items to my deal?

There are 3 ways in which to add items to a deal.

  1. An entire brand or item class can be chosen by selecting from the list provided by clicking the + Select button.  There is a maximum of 1 vertical, (all of clothing or all of appliances)
  2. Deals #7

  3. Individual items can be added to a deal via the Excel templates provided under the templates section of the deals & promos page.  You can download an empty template and create the mappings or you can download an already populated template and add just the product IDs you wish to associate with the deal.  This is limited to 1,000 items per file.  Instructions on how to complete the template are on the next tab, “Updating or Removing a deal”. 
  4. Deals #8

  5. Directly in the User Interface, items can be added 10 at a time in a coma separated format.  
  6. Deals #9

How to add, update or remove items from a deal

As explained in the previous tab, use the Download button to download the template from the seller portal. You use this spreadsheet to enter your existing items to the deal or remove them from the deal.  Like all of our templates, the files are built in such a way that they should not be changed.

The first sheet of the template is our Data Definition.  This defines all of the fields in the template and provides examples of the information that should be filled in.

Deals #10

The sheet named “Source Items” is where you will find existing items associated with this deal and where you can add new items to a deal.  If you have downloaded an already saved template, you will see the current list of items along with the option to change the status.

How to add items?
If you do not wish to change the status of any existing items, you only need to add the new items to the bottom of the list and set the “New Status” to “Approved for Production”.

How to remove items?
You change the status from “Approved to Production” to “Rejected” when you wish to remove an item and from “Rejected” to “Approved for production” when you wish to reactivate an item.

Deals #11

Sellers can now opt-in and join Sears when we run our site-wide deals!

How do I opt-into Sears site-wide deals?

Navigate to the Deals & Promotions section of the seller platform by navigating to Seller Tools >> Deals & Promos

To search for the Sears Deals that are available to participate in, you can either click the “View Deals List” or use the Filters section to filter by deal start and end date. As more and more deals are added to the system, the date function may be the best way.

Without selecting a Deal Type, you may add dates and the system will pull all deals that are available for you to participate in (only deals that relate to your items that have been added to the Seller Portal). You can see below that the deal that appears in the search results starts and ends during the time period in the Filter options.

Look for deals that the Deal Source shows “DEALS UI”. Those are the Sears deals. If you created a deal for the same time period, it will list the Deal Source as “SELLPO”

Once you identify a deal that you may want to participate in, click on the short description to view the details of the deal. All the deal information regarding the rules, item classes and inclusion criteria are shown. Also, you can see the projected item count as it relates to this deal.

To opt-in, simply click the radio button next to “Opt-In” and save the deal. You’ll be included in the deal. It’s that simple! If you want to change your decision, you will need to select “Opt-Out” and click save.

If you still have questions after reviewing this FAQ or you have issues while the creating a deal or using the interface, please use the contact us form to contact seller support.