About Marketplace Guarantee Claims

The Sears Marketplace Guarantee helps members (customers) feel confident that they get what they ordered, when they expect it, or they will get their money back—up to $2,500. Our guarantee covers on-time delivery and the condition of the item they receive.

You can refer to the policy on the What is Sears Marketplace customer page.

What is covered?

    • Orders that are damaged, defective, incomplete or not what members expected (not as described (wrong size or color, not the condition the site displayed, poor quality, incorrect package quantity, missing part, etc.)
    • Orders delivered after 30 days of the member’s order date
    • Orders delivered after three days of the latest estimated delivery date
    • Missing orders including: items that are trackable, not delivered yet and the expected arrival date has passed; delayed or lost by the carrier or other unforeseen circumstances; are in transit and are on schedule to arrive after the expected arrival date; are not trackable, not yet delivered and the expected arrival date has passed; or are showing delivered without a signature and the customer does not have the package

How does it work?

The member must first contact you (the seller) via our order center communication tool.  Emails from a member will come from the email domain seller.sears.com. The messages will also appear in the Seller Portal under the Order Messages page.

Sears Member Services team will step in anytime you have not responded within 2 business days from the email address searsmpsellersorders@customerservice.sears.com.

Note: Make sure you white list the Sears email addresses and domains so these emails do not go to spam.

We also step in if your response is deemed inadequate by the member and the member escalates the issue to Sears or you have not resolved the issue in 10 business days.

What happens to the item after a Marketplace Guarantee Claim has been issued?

Sears will not issue a return label for the product.  If you want your product back, it will be your responsibility as a seller to contact the member and arrange for shipment back to you. We do not require the member to send the item back.

How to prevent claims


    • Missing Deliveries are a major pain point.  Orders get “delivered” according to the carrier but disappear and the member says they did not get the item.  Use signature required tracking for orders for high-value items.  It’s up to you to determine the threshold of what makes an order high value.  Note:  When signature required tracking is not used, you are taking the risk that that package might be stolen.
    • Package your shipments so they will not get damaged in transit.  It is not “normal” for items to arrive damaged and need repair.  Members expect it to be usable when they receive it.


    • Describe your product correctly on the website.  Do not misrepresent the quality of the product.
    • Provide quality images of your products in your listings.
    • Use correct UPCs.  We group items by UPC so if you use an incorrect UPC, the member could think they are getting something else.

Customer Service

    • Respond to member emails within 24 hours.  If a member is requesting a return, provide clear instructions and your return address.
    • Our seller-member communication tool does allow up to 3 attachments so you may send labels in pdf format.