Sandbox API URLs

Effective June 1, 2016 new API Authentication Changes have taken place. Please see this FAQ for more information.

When using the production APIs, the URL changes slightly: becomes  For example:

Create Purchase Order API

This API call uses the PUT method to create purchase order.  Using the below parameters, you build the URL that uses PUT method to create a purchase order(s).

NOTE:  This API allows vendors to enter up to 5 external item ids which must be coma separated. For example, if request consists two external item ids, 2 Order lines would be created for each external product Id.  ‘multipleLinesFlag’ allows sellers to create multiple order lines which would help sellers to test partial returns/cancellations/shipments.

Param Name Required Description Type Default
sellerId Yes Seller Account id from Seller Portal String None
externalItemId Yes external product Id String None
multipleLinesFlag No multiple line flag to create multiple order lines String false/no
poDate No can enter purchase order date StringYYYY-MM-dd Current timestamp
shippingAddressName No Customer name
shippingAddressLine1 No The address line to which you will send product. String Randomly picked from the list.
shippingAddressCity No The address city to which you will send product. String Randomly picked from the list
shippingAddressState No The address state to which you will send product. String Randomly picked from the list.
shippingAddressPostalCode No The address postal to which you will send product. Randomly picked from the list.


Sample PUT URL:{sellerId}&externalItemId={extItemId}

Sandbox PUT URL for order with single item:{sellerId}&externalItemId=TCV22

Sandbox PUT URL with the multipleLinesFlag to create 1 purchase order with 4 items with a specific PO date:{sellerId}&externalItemId={Item1ID},{item2ID},{item3ID},{item4ID}&quantity={qty}&poDate={YYYY-MM-DD}&multipleLinesFlag=true

Sandbox PUT URL to create a purchase order with 1 items, specified quantity, specific PO date, and specific shipping address:{sellerId}&externalItemId=item1&quantity=1&poDate=2015-06-24&shippingAddressName=John Doe&shippingAddressLine1=123 Ave&shippingAddressCity=San Franscisco&shippingAddressPostalCode=94002&shippingAddressState=CA&multipleLinesFlag=false