What are the image requirements for items on Sears?

Images can be submitted for your items in two ways.

  1. Images can be uploaded directly into the seller portal and Sears will host those images 
  2. URLs can be provided for images as long as they are directing to a public and non password protected host site 


Image URLs:

  • Image URLs must end in a standard photo extension such as .jpg or .gif 
  • Image URLs should not contain special characters such as  % <space> ! # $ & ‘ ( ) * + , / : ; = ? @ [ ]
  • Image URLs will be pinged by our internal services to verify if they returning valid images.  Image URLs that do not provide a satisfactory answer to our ping can be removed from the site.  These items will show in your removed items report. 
  • Changing an image on the back end of an image URL will not change the image for Sears.  Please change the image URL if you are changing the image


Image Requirements:

Whether you are submitting an image for Sears to host or providing us with an image URL for your item, we have a set of standard requirements for items.

  • Minimum resolution = 1600×1600 pixels 
  • Recommended resolution = 2000×2000 pixels 
  • Square in shape – ex 1600×1600 and not 1500×1600 
  • Zoom – zoom on Sears.com will be disabled for images that are less than 800×800.
  • Search – thumbnails will be shown in search at 245×245 pixels



  • Clothing categories have different image dimensions
  • Images will be displayed at 158×345 pixels 
  • To avoid image cropping, your garment should be centered vertically inside the image