How does the the return authorization process work?


Click the image on the left to view the announcement about our returns process that changed on April 20, 2016.

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Frequently Asked Questions about this change

Q. Is there a document that explains this?

A. Yes. Click here for the Sears Marketplace Returns Process Updates PDF

Q.  Is the PDF label required when a seller authorizes the return?

A.  Yes, a PDF label is required.  Please see the PDF document for more information.

Q. Does the label have to be a prepaid label?

A. No, it does not.  Minimum requirements are the return address and instructions for the member to return to the product.

Q. Do I still need to upload a PDF if I want the member to destroy the product in lieu of a return?

A.  You will need to either reject or authorize the return (including providing a PDF) to avoid an escalation to our Member Services team.  We suggest you authorize and use the PDF to provide the member instructions on how to destroy and confirm back to you.  Sellers would then follow the standard process to refund the member as they would do today.

Q. Can I upload more than one document (PDF)?

A. No, Seller Portal only allows you to upload one document (PDF).

Q. What if it takes longer than 2 days to get an RMA for the member’s return?

A. The issue will still escalate to our Member Services team after the 2nd business day if the return has not been approved or rejected.

Q. What if I need to contact the member with questions regarding the product they will like to return?

A. Please reach out to the member either via phone or email the same day you receive the email notification.

Q. Will member requested returns give sellers a high return rate?

A. Yes, this is no different than a regular return. It is just another option for the member to use to initiate a return.

Q. Will there be a time frame for when the refund must be applied once the return is approved?

A. Member is not refunded until seller receives the product back and process it in Seller Portal.

Q. Will there be any changes in the current refund process?

A. No, The current refund process is not changing.