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    • “Sears has a long history of being a strong brick and mortar retailer and has won the lifetime achievement award in Cymax’s eyes. The opportunity to connect to the Company’s massive retail footprint that makes Sears a highly recognized brand in household products complements our furniture offering very well. Our results have been strong and we want to continue to build our partnership with Sears.” – Cymax
  • “As the 3rd largest online marketplace with millions of unique and loyal monthly shoppers, Sears is a key online shopping channel for Mercent and its portfolio of more than 550 large brand name retailers.” – Mercent
  • “We love partnering with Sears. They have a reputable and lasting brand that we definitely wanted to be a part of. Now that we are, we are impressed with the personal attention that we get from our Sears Account Manager. We don’t get this sort of attention from any other marketplace.” – Black Bow Jewelry Company
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  • “Sears plus Stand UP Ranchers has made a perfect team! Our western clothing, footwear and tack as well as everything a rancher would need means that the Sears shopper has western, English Riding, and outdoor sport options they might not otherwise have. Thank you for a great partnership, Sears!”– STAND UP Ranchers