Supply with Sears

Be a part of the future of commerce with Sears Integrated Retail—become a wholesaler!
  • Recommend a product to be featured online and in stores.
  • Members can interact with items before they buy
  • And, they’ll enjoy free two-day shipping!
Help us become the world’s No. 1 integrated retailer! As a wholesaler, you’ll help us bring the best of the best of to life in stores.

Integrated retail merges the convenience of online shopping with the satisfaction of the in-store experience. By bringing your new and exciting online products to the store, Sears gives members a fully-integrated shopping experience and gives you an opportunity to move more merchandise.
  • Featured items will be showcased online and in stores.
  • Members can experience the items before they buy using the in-store kiosk or their own smart devices.
  • Items bought during the in-store experience ship free!
Have a new, exciting product you want to bring to a larger audience? Become a wholesaler with Sears! It starts with a recommendation. Click the link above to submit your product for review.